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·Aug 2, 2022·

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Community Classroom August Newsletter

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Hey folks, we had a ton of initiatives last month, and hopefully, you have taken advantage of them. There are more things to come this month as well.

This newsletter is packed with resources, announcements, and events that you can join to level up your technical and non-technical skills.


  • Practice your coding skills with Wilco and win prizes up to INR 125,000. We are running this event throughout August, so make sure to take advantage and level up your coding journey.
  • We are giving away Travel Funds for Kubecon to folks who do amazing work in and around the cloud-native community. The applications close on 14th August. Apply soon.
  • We have created roadmaps for various tech domains with the help of experts in the field. We will be creating more roadmaps in the future as well. You no longer need to ask "How do I get started with XYZ technology?"
  • We've crossed 200 articles on hashnode with the tag BlogsWithCC. Check out all the articles written by the community.


  • Read José Alberto Flores' story on how they saw changes as opportunities and their journey in the software industry.
  • Most people struggle with time management, whether they are professionals or students. Here are some tips to better manage your time.
  • New developers often make mistakes during their job search. Here are some common mistakes and how you can avoid them.
  • The OSI model is an important concept to know for computer networks, and the more modern TCP/IP model is based on it.
  • Mistakes are inevitable, but you can avoid some of them by hearing others' experiences. Here are some mistakes to avoid in college and career.



That's all folks. Hope you learned something new today. We are coming up with new initiatives all the time, so stay tuned for them. In the meantime, build some projects, contribute to open source, join communities and connect with people.

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