Community Classroom September Newsletter

Community Classroom September Newsletter

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Siddhant Khisty
·Sep 3, 2022·

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August has been a great month for us and hopefully for everyone else as well. We had our first meetup, and some amazing announcements as well.

In this newsletter, we've added some great announcements, blogs, videos, and events that are worth checking out!




  • This video covers a roadmap for your fourth year of college including tips for your learning journey, public profile, placements, remote jobs, and preparing for the future.
  • This video covers a roadmap for your third year of college including tips for your learning journey, public profile, placements, and preparation for the future.
  • In this episode of the Open Source Cafe, I discussed with Or Weis from some of the challenges and best practices regarding permissions and access control.
  • What happens to brick-and-mortar universities? What are some current issues with online learning? How do we solve the problem of external motivation? In this Twitter Space, we discussed with Lane Wagner from about the future of CS education.


  • Civo Navigate will bring together some of the brightest minds in cloud-native technology to provide a packed event with over 50 talks and workshops. You can get the Super Early Bird ticket right now!
  • We are running a blogging challenge where you can win some hashnode swag and some sweet prizes. This month you can win a grand prize of INR 10k or a pair of Air Jordans.
  • We are running an Open Source fest where you can contribute to projects to get real-world experience, and also get a 1500USD stipend if you are selected for the program. For more details check our website
  • Participate in the Pulumi Challenges to build real-world applications with Pulumi, and win some swags along the way.
  • TechMids Conf is an all-day full stack conference made up of all your favorite meetups from Brum.js to Fusion, to Golang, to DevOps, and everything in-between.
  • Kubesimplify Workshops are live workshops covering various cloud-native concepts by industry experts.

Tweets of the week

That's all for this newsletter folks. Let us know what you think. We are always happy to hear what you've learned so keep learning and building and share your achievements on Twitter and tag us!

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